El herrojo alto

Our Vision

We don’t just develop your property; we co-parent it with you.

Your new home is also our ‘baby’. We pour our passion and energy into the project, from the first pencil stroke of design to the day we deliver the keys. Like you, we are fully committed to its success. At every step, we’re there in person: working hands-on, overseeing progress, setting standards. And we don’t accept second-best.

The result is a home that you will love – and we can be proud of.

Beny Nadel


Beny is a real-estate entrepreneur. A graduate in Business Administration from Tel Aviv University and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), he started his career in international auditing firms in Israel, Spain and New York. Afterwards, he was CFO then CEO of significant listed companies with links to the real-estate market. Today, he lives in Spain and specializes in developing high-end properties of exceptional quality in and around Marbella.

Pascal Ergo


Pascal is a successful Belgian entrepreneur. He started his career in healthcare wholesale in Slovakia in 1992, and expanded into Russia, Ukraine and CIS, where he then joined the United Nations as a senior adviser. Nowadays, he specializes in real estate and agriculture, dividing his time between Slovakia and Spain. He is also a member of the Alumni Board of Harvard Business School.

Our Values

Premium locations

We develop limited numbers of exclusive properties in Marbella’s most sought-after neighbourhoods, including La Cerquilla, Nueva Andalucia, the Golden Mile and Sierra Blanca

Premium architects

Leading architects, including Ismael Mérida, design XQUISIT homes that define excellence.

Premium construction partners

We partner only with experienced building firms we know and trust. And we personally oversee the construction process to ensure that the highest standards are met at all times.

Premium brands

Every finish, every detail and every aspect of your home is selected for maximum quality. XQUISIT homes feature prestigious brands including Sematic, Gaggenhau, Illusion, Sub-Zero and Wolff.

Premium reliability

The most valuable property we develop is your trust. A new home should be a source of joy, not stress. As an XQUISIT client, you demand and deserve a flawless development process. You expect to look forward with excitement to each new step. But you also want to be able to switch off, and know that everything is being taken care of when your attention is elsewhere. XQUISIT delivers on every count, every time.

Premium Responsiveness

We are flexible and remain open to your suggestions for any changes to the project that could add value to the property.